Case Studies:

Case Study 1: Auckland Live
Case Study 2: Auckland Council

Trak Security Experience

Client: Auckland Live
Trak Security Provides: an integrated multi-site security solution emcompassing CCTV, access control and detection.

It’s a busy job managing the security and safety needs of New Zealand’s leading performing arts and commercial entertainment centre. That’s why Auckland Live’s Safety and Security Manager Dean Kidd appreciates knowing that he can always rely on Trak Security to get the job done, and to a high standard.

Auckland Live is home to the Auckland Town Hall, the Aotea Centre and square, the Civic Theatre, Bruce Mason Centre, and the Viaduct Event Centre.

Thousands of people use these facilities every week, so Auckland Live has a sophisticated security system that encompasses CCTV, access control and detection. Its many advanced features include detailed event reporting, and a high degree of integration between each function. For example, key safes are integrated with the access control system, enabling Dean to know who has obtained keys and when.

“I really like Trak Security’s pro-active approach and the way they always look for innovative ways to help us get the most from our security technology,” says Dean.

“Unlike other providers I’ve dealt with, Trak also takes time to understand my needs, then gets on and does the job properly without additional charges if anything needs tweaking after installation or repair.”

Client: Auckland Council
Trak Security provides: A multi-site security hardware service and maintenance function for Northern and Central regions – covering CCTV, Access and Detection.

For a client that spans a large geographic area – and has an extensive variety of operational requirements - reliability and accountability of security services is critical. The services provided by Trak Security have proved a winner for Auckland Council; delivering faster, more accurate and cost-effective property maintenance management.

When eight separate local and regional councils were amalgamated into the Supercity, a major IT project was initiated. Trak was involved in this project, bringing 150 sites into a central property maintenance system that interfaced directly with Council’s SAP information system. This was part of a larger project designed to allow all technical service contractors to interface with SAP, across the more than 3,500 properties owned by the Council.

Previously, there had been a heavy reliance on manual processes to log jobs, assign contractors and monitor progress. Trak Security’s solution has automated every aspect of the procedure, once a job is logged.

Jobs are now automatically transferred into Trak’s sophisticated management system, which assign a technician with the required skill-set. For example, a card access job automatically goes to a Cardax-qualified technician. This prevents double-handling of jobs, and ensures a quicker response because the right person is sent to the job every time.

Eliza Bennett from the Council’s Property Regional Operations team says Trak’s solution was extremely well-thought through, and has made the property team’s job much easier.

“We get total real-time visibility on every job, and Trak’s communication with us has been fantastic."

"This makes it easy to keep our staff up-to-date, enabling us to provide an even better service to people who use our facilities.”